The Wylye Valley Kanter has changed from its previous time of year for holding the event and now held in early October.  The walk is unusual in that the routes are defined by Grid References which are forwarded to pre entries before the event enabling the route to be pre-plotted.  The points may then be visited in any order, giving a choice of routes, 10/20/30 or 40kms [6/12/19/25 miles] to be followed.

2018 Event

For early October the weather turned out to be much better than expected. Warm, sunny and hardly any wind, perfect for walking.  High factor suncream was even spotted being applied at midday.

A straightforward route didn’t pose too many problems sorting out which way to go and by now most walkers can find there way onto the main tracks through Groveley Woods.  The longer routes went  to the west and south of the Woods this time but with hardly any mud the going was fairly easy for most walkers.

The questions, just a light hearted method of ensuring the right route is followed, didn’t present too many problems.  Most of the questions were straightforward but, as normal, there is usually one that causes a few problems.  This time it was Samantha that was guarding the bridge, well tucked away in the trees. With the questions only being defined by 10 fig Grid References it does leave a bit of choice when selecting the correct posts at times but as is normal on the event nobody was too worried about the correctness of the answers and nobody was sent back out to check their figures!

We look forward to welcoming you all back next year.

Please check the site later for details of the 2019 event.