BWF PT No 183 - 11km

Walk Organiser: Barry Whelan, 29 Newmans Way, Bulford, Salisbury, SP4 9HT. Tel:01980-597329

Walk Fee: £1.00, Embroidered badge available £2.00

Start: Salisbury Leisure Centre Car Park, Hulse Rd, Salisbury, Wilts [GR 184/139310] [3 hours free parking, longer P&D parking at Central Car Park, joining route at ** - by coach parking, near the end of description]

Route Directions

From entrance to car park follow footpath/cycle way with Leisure Centre on left and sports field on right. Continue to end of tarmac path and at road turn right and cross over to left side then after 150m, at right bend, go straight on [The Portway], on track.  Through bollards onto footpath, continuing slightly uphill to X-tracks and stone on left.

Q1.  Who was most notable MP?

Continue on track to main road.  [A visit to Old Sarum, now on your left, is worth the effort. It was an Iron Age earthwork and became a Roman Fort, later an important political centre in Saxon times.  A Cathedral was built here but destroyed within days by strong winds.  The site was abandoned in 1220 and many of the stones used in the building of the present Cathedral.]  Cross main road, using traffic island, into Old Castle Road.  100m turn right on path (signpost Bishopsdown), uphill then straight on keeping alongside fence, joining gravel path.  After 1100m, as path turns sharp right at corner, by fence, bear left on gravel path to pass school grounds on right.  Straight on along road past Somerset Road and Netheravon Road then after 50m turn right, by electricity sub station, on tarmac path following path over dual carriageway and down ramp.

Q2. Number of end house at bottom of ramp?

Turn right down road and after 100m turn left, Queens Road.  250m turn right and after 100m, at entrance to Car Park, turn left alongside wall. Through gap and bear right on footpath, past front of church [now the Arts Centre St Edmund’s Church was founded in 1269, note plaque above door] to far corner by School Lane [note stone inscriptions on wall of St Edmund’s House]. Follow pavement for 50m then turn left into Rollestone Street. At crossroads [look for plaque on wall of The Pheasant] continue straight on. Turn right into Winchester Street and after 25m turn left into Shopping Mall. [In the courtyard the oak Jacobean staircase is all that is left of an Inn that dated from at least the 14th Century.]

At end, opposite the Guildhall and Market Square, turn left for 25m [the timbered faced shop was built in 1425]then turn right into Fish Row past the Tourist Information Office.  At end of pedestrian way straight on, past The Poultry Cross [dating from the 15th Century] on right, then turn left into High Street.  Straight on to pedestrian area [note the building on the left where the upper storeys were originally from an Inn dating back to 1314. Oliver Cromwell stayed here in 1645, and Samuel Pepys visited in 1668] then continue across road, through gateway [Royal Arms over the archway] towards Cathedral.

Turn right around square following The Close [take time to admire the various forms of architecture. Amongst the historical houses are Mompesson House, a perfect example of Queen Anne architecture dating from 1701 The Wardrobe, dating from 1254 now houses a military museum] continuing on to the Salisbury & South Wilts Museum [the Museum holds collections of national significance including Stonehenge].  Turn left following the wall around the Cathedral lawn then turn left to the main entrance. [A must to visit. At 404ft the spire is the tallest in England. The Chapter house contains one of the surviving copies of the Magna Carta.]  From main entrance follow path by front and to side and diagonally across grass to exit Cathedral grounds, then straight on to Malmesbury House [used by Charles II in 1665.  The sundial is dated 1749].

Q3. When were the 3 Protestant martyrs burnt at the stake?

Through St Ann’s Gate and turn right.  Follow pavement alongside wall to roundabout.  Keep on pavement to right, St Nicholas Road, and follow road to traffic lights.  [St Nicholas Hospital on left before lights, was founded in 1215.]  Cross bridges [see inscription on first bridge, originally built 1245] and turn right to Harnham Road, past The Rose and Crown [dating from about 1380].  At junction turn right along main road for 400m then after passing St Mary’s Road turn right into park.  Bear left across grass to corner then continue in same direction to far corner.  Through fence, turn right on path past the Old Mill Hotel.

Q4. On Hotel small wooden door what Store?

Follow path over river and across the water meadows [it was from here that Constable painted his famous picture of Salisbury Cathedral in 1830].  At end immediately turn right onto small tarmac path in gardens, over bridge and turn right in front of children's play area, keeping on path alongside rivers.  At road cross over on pedestrian crossing and turn right over bridge then immediately turn left, now with river on left.  Cross over road at pedestrian crossing and over bridge into Shopping Mall [this is probably the site of a mill mentioned in the Domesday Book].

Turn right (Signpost - St Thomas’s Church) then after 30m turn left in front of Church [a small chapel existed here in 1219 for men working on the Cathedral] around square. Keep straight on, on pavement, past the Library, along Castle Street for another 300m.  After passing Hussey’s Almhouses [founded in 1794] turn left into Mill Stream Approach then after crossing bridge turn right ** onto path/cycle way with river on right.  Keep on path, under bridge (mind head!), [note plaque on bridge to right], then continue under roadway with river on right.  Cross over road and keep on path then turn right over wooden bridge and back to car park.

Route updated November 2018