BWF PT No 255 - 10km

Walk Organiser: Nick & Jacqui Wakelam, 4 Lamley Gardens, Graham Street, Penrith, CA11 9LR.


Walk Fee: £1.00

Start: Free public car park at Pershore Bridge [GR SO953452] on the B4084 south of Pershore, WR10 1AS.

Route Directions

Leave the car park and walk between wooden bollards and over the medieval brick bridge to main road. Cross main road [care] and turn left along pavement.  Just before the road bridge turn right through metal kissing gate on footpath [Pershore Bridges Circular Walk].  Bear left and follow path with river Avon on left. Follow this waymarked footpath next to, or close to, river for about 2km, through a metal gate and then over five wooden plank footbridges, two bridges without gates followed by three with metal gates at each end.  Immediately after the fifth bridge is a wooden post with route markers. Turn right on footpath across right hand side of field for 100m,  through kissing gate and turn left on grass footpath beside road.  

Q1:   What is the name of the house with three white chimneys?

After 100m, at wooden footpath finger board and wooden plank bridge, cross road [care] and enter Tiddesley Woods to right of metal gate.  Follow this gravel track through the woods, ignoring all turnings for about 1.2km.  Just before the edge of the wood there is a large wooden information board on right.

Q2: According to the information board what type of fungus might you see in Winter?

70m after the information board, at edge of woods, turn right through small metal gate and continue along right hand side of field, alongside woods, on wide enclosed path.  Go through metal gate into another field and continue in the same direction on narrow path.  At end of fence go through gap by wooden post with public footpath yellow arrow.  Continue on path as it bears right around edge of wood still on right and open fields on left.

At corner of field follow path around edge to left.  After a further 125m, by edge of small copse at path junction by wooden marker post, turn right to right of metal gate.  Follow enclosed path to pass through small metal gate, straight on to pass through another small metal gate to right of a larger metal gate. Follow waymarked footpath to left of two wooden seats and continue on path with fence on left and go through another wooden gate. Turn left on wide grass track between fences towards thatched cottage.  At end of path go through wooden gate, signposted Millennium Way, and straight on tarmac lane to main road.  Turn left and walk along pavement passing 30mph signs

Q3:  What Festival won Best Tourism Event in 2011/12/13?

Just after passing the entrance to Pershore Cemetery on left, turn right [care] into Cornmore [B4536].  After No.38 turn left into a side road, also called Cornmore.  At T-junction (Farleigh Road) turn right and straight on ignoring all turnings, bear left as road bends. Straight on over St Andrew’s Road and just after Abbots Road on left, turn right into park on path towards children’s play area.

Q4:  From the Information Board, who granted a charter to the Abbey in 972?

At path junction in avenue of oak trees, turn left and at the Bowls Club on left, turn right and head towards the Abbey on grass.  Pass to right of Abbey and onto tarmac path that leads to metal gates and road.  Turn left along pavement and cross over.  At White Horse Hotel, turn right into Church Street and continue straight on to reach junction with main road.  Turn right onto the High Street and follow this road past shops,etc back to the medieval bridge and the car park.

Route updated 31 January 2017