Brading Windmill Trail

BWF PT No 266 - 12km

Walk Organiser: Peter Denison, 2 Test Cottages, St Mary Bourne, Andover, Hants, SP11 6BX

Tel: 01264 738569  Email:

Walk Fee: £1.  IoW Embroidered Badge available £2

Start: Brading Railway Station PO36 0EB [GR 196/609867]

Route Directions

Leave Brading Station across the car park onto exit road.  50m turn right on Public Footpath B1 between concrete bollards.  Through metal barrier, ahead on road 25m, immediately after house No 83 turn right on Public Footpath B36, through gate and over railway.  Through wooden gate turn left on Public Footpath B1 alongside railway.  450m turn right through iron kissing gate on Public Footpath B3 passing white house to your left.

Q1.  In garden, how many levels for the doves?

Cross over two sluices and then fork left with a murky lagoon on the right.  Continue ahead ignoring side paths to fork with wildlife information board on left.  Fork left on Public Footpath BB20.  At T-junction turn left on Public Footpath BB20, later with plantation on right.  Path bends right past bench seat and across field with another wildlife information board on left.  Cross bridge, and continue through two more fields and gap in hedge.  Follow path ahead past helicopter landing circle to gate and signs.

Continue ahead on stony path Public Footpath BB21.  Go ahead through wooden kissing gate, over stile uphill towards buildings.  Cross stile and go between farm buildings on left and pond on right, to windmill at tracks T-junction.  Turn right.

Q2.  On information board on side of windmill ticket office, what is the date of the photograph of the windmill, “.....when it was still in full production.”?

Pass entrance to windmill on track downhill and enter wood.  After 35m turn left (5m before Steyne Wood information board on left) to road.  Cross road through gate onto Public Footpath BB22 uphill with fence on left to road.  Turn left uphill 80m.  Turn right on Jenny Streets Lane, Public Footpath BB15, past buildings of the old Bembridge School including a brick church on left.

Track becomes a path.  At gate follow permanent diversion around right side of large green corrugated archery shed.  (Do not enter holiday park.)  Just before T-junction,

Q3.  On Bembridge School information board, which artist’s works were collected by the Warden?

At T-junction turn right on Coastal Path, eventually emerging onto open ground with seats on left.  Cross this space past the end of a concrete track and turn left past red bins on Coastal Path.  Continue past Sandhills Holiday Park, crossing two bridges, past huts perched on the cliff edge, up steps to a wooden kissing gate.  Through gate follow chalky track uphill, passing between iron and wooden gateposts then bear right, still uphill, past brick and concrete building towards monument.  Pass to left of monument to iron kissing gate onto road.

Turn right.  (Café normally open daily between Easter and the end of September.)  At end of café turn left to information board by Coastal Path sign.

Q4.  On notice board what is sited next to the monument in the photograph?

Follow Coastal Path diagonally down field, through kissing gate in corner and ahead on Coastal Path, passing between a pair of isolated cast iron gateposts, through a kissing gate, past a Holiday Centre and downhill alongside a boatyard.  At car park immediately after boatyard turn right (toilets ahead on right) to road.  Turn right uphill 250m (last 30m no footway or verge).  Turn left at Hyfields on Public Footpath SS44, along grassy track into field.  Continue along left side of field 400m to signpost and turn right down field to bridge and stile just left of large tree.

Q5.  What is the name of the Brading Marshes Nature Reserve field you are about to enter?

Continue ahead through marshes, over bridge into next field, to wildlife notice board. Continue ahead through gap in reeds over concrete bridge.  Bear left to follow river on left to gate and up steps to road behind crash barrier.  Turn left up road.  Immediately before railway bridge turn right down steps on Public Footpath B69, alongside railway to gate.  Cross railway onto Brading Station platform.

Route updated 28 September 2017