Walk Organiser:  John Grylls, 19 Rife Way, Ferring, Worthing, West Sussex, BN12 5JX.  Tel 01903-247332

Walk Fee: £1.00, Embroidered Badge £2.00

Start: Duncton Recreation Ground nr Petworth, Sussex [GR 197/SU963177]


BWF PT NO 189  - 25km

Route Directions

Leave Duncton Sports Ground across grass keeping croquet lawn fence on right, down grass slope and turn left on footpath. Through gatee and turn right on tarmac road and as road bends to right continue straight on footpath down field to go through iron gate past pond on right. Across field and uphill and at top of field turn right at blue arrow on bridleway sign. Continue along edge of copse to tarmac lane with Duncton Mill and Pond on right. Turn left and after 40m turn right through gate with yellow arrow footpath sign and across field to Manor Farm. At access road to farm turn left towards main road. Cross and turn right into Beechwood Lane. Continue for 1200m past Orchard Cottage, Willow Cottage and Beechwood House then past rear entrance of  Seaford College and East Lavington signboard on right. Straight on up meandering track, for 900m, purple right of way sign, ignoring tracks on left and right, at top field area turn left to reach South Downs Way. Turn right along track, purple arrow SDW sign, for approximately 1000m to large wooden footpath post on left at cross tracks in wooded area.

Q1. What is commemorated on east side of large footpath sign?

Turn left, East Dean sign, uphill for 100m then downhill for 1600m, ignoring side tracks, through woodland to 2 metal gates, go through gate, purple sign on post. Downhill to lane on far side of field then bear right to cross stile in wire fence opposite, yellow arrow sign, and ahead across field towards woods. After 200m cross stile into woods and up footpath, right hand fork, following yellow arrow signs. After 500m at wide track turn right then after 250m past ‘Charlton Forest’ sign. Down lane/track through metal gate to road. Turn right through village, past Droke Farm, downhill past Village Hall.

Q2. What is the date under the coat of arms on the Village Hall?

Pass the Star and Garter PH and along road, pond on right. Take right hand fork on road for 1500m to The Fox Goes Free PH in Charlton. From the PH along main road, after 130m turn right into North Lane. Up stony track, past Ware Barn, and after 1000m at fork in track keep left for 200m. Turn left opposite double 5 bar gates and follow track as it bears right uphill through trees, continuing uphill to a large grass triangle. Ignore bridleways on left and take the bridleway on right of grass between wire fences continuing with fields on either side and later trees before entering woods at bottom of hill. Bear slightly right by blue arrow bridleway sign and uphill following New Lipchis Way signs ignoring all side tracks, to finally reach the South Downs Way at top. Cross over and through 5 bar gate, across field for 150m, through wooden gate, to woods and Heyshott Chalk Downland Nature Reserve Information Board. Steeply downhill through woods and clearing for 500m. Turn half left and down track for 500m. At cross track turn left, 30m turn right through gap in hedge, across field toward solitary oak tree, and over 2 plank wooden bridge. Cross field to pass wooden summer house on right towards Village Hall. Turn right on tarmac road, 60m turn right on main road, ahead to Unicorn PH.

Q3. What is around the unicorn’s neck on the pub sign?

Continue along road past Down Close and follow road as it bends sharply left by houses and red brick cottages on left to end of village ignoring other paths. After 200m turn right at Footpath sign on track between hedges, across field towards gap in trees. Keep on left hand side of field with trees on left. 20m after wooden watch tower turn left, and then immediately right on path through woods. At cross tracks straight ahead past fir trees. After 100m turn right, immediately after pond, on path through beech trees, shortly with large wire fence on right, to clearing. Re-enter woods following path across stream and up incline, through gate and across field to Woodcote Farm. At farm turn left, along road for 250m and at junction turn right for 500m to White Horse PH.

Continue on road to T-junction. Turn left to War Memorial on right and turn right on track past Cricket Club. Straight on for 1000m, through 5 bar gate and turn right on road. Just after Keepers on left, bear left over stile beside wooden 5 bar gate, on footpath through copse past red brick house to gravel road. Turn left up track then track bears right past barns on right, continue on main tarmac drive, over small stream and past Lower Barn House. Around left side of Westland Stud and turn left down tree lined footpath to go through gate. Over small wooden bridge and across field to Ridlington Farm continuing in same direction on gravel track, farm on right, to stile on right and footpath across field. Cross 2nd stile and field, hedge on right, then between houses to main road. Cross over, left up path and alongside church to gate and back to Sports Ground.

Route updated 10 September 2017