Calne Bowood Trail

BWF PT No 240 - 13km

Walk Organiser: Pam Grieve, 12 St Marys Close, Bradenstoke, Chippenham, Wilts, SN15 4ET

Tel 01249 891660.

Walk Fee: £1.

Start: Pippin Car Park, behind Sainsbury’s, Calne, SN11 8JG. [GR 173/999710]

Route Directions

From the car park behind Sainsbury’s make your way out of the car park over a bridge to the front of the Co-Operative store.  With the shop on your right go forward and before the cafe turn right through alley-way to road, turn left and at the bend turn right up Proclamation Steps and through gateway, to church.  Continue on this path with the church on your left to reach the gateway after the War Memorial.   At the road turn right and go ahead under the arch into Ivy Walk, under the second arch to the road.  At the big roundabout on the left cross the road and turn left into Station Road.  Straight on to the Fire Station and turn left up path by the litter bin.  At the top go up the steps and turn right.

Continue on this lane passing 3 black bollards on the left and out of the built up area.  Down the dip and just before the house turn left with the footpath sign around the field, to reach stile.  Over stile and up to the next footpath sign, over stile and turn right.  Follow the footpath signs to the road.  At the road turn left for 500m, staying on road.  At the Halt sign turn right for 1400m.

Q1. At the Halt sign, where does the road go that you have just come down?

Just before the bridge turn right through kissing gate and head towards the white gate on the bridge. Through the gate and turn right keeping the water on your right.  Follow the water and at the end bear left up to a kissing gate to lead over the causeway between lakes.  Through the gate and straight on up the track going left and right to go over tarmac road and through kissing gate, ahead with fence on right to footpath sign, go left with the sign and follow two more signs across the field to the left hand end of a stand of trees.  Through the kissing gate and straight on with fence on right to road, in front of the golf course.

Through the kissing gate and turn right, follow this road to go into the woods past the mirror.  Follow the footpath signs through the wood.  Near the top of the hill bear right on track to eventually have the metal rail fence on your left.  Follow this fence until a grass clearing in the trees on the right, turn right and through the white gates to the road.

Q2.  As you turn right into Old Road, what is the name of the house on the corner?

Turn right into Old Road to eventually come out at The Black Dog PH.  Turn right on path.  Cross the road [CARE] and continue downhill to 100m before bridge over the road.  Turn left into field and follow the direction of footpath arrow to the far corner of the field to reach stile and steps on the right leading up to the old railway track.  At the track turn right and go over the bridge.  Past Black Dog Halt then continue on this track until going over or round the cattle grid over two bridges and bear left up track to emerge at Castle Walk.  Turn right and down to traffic lights, cross the road and turn left to cross again to reach the Library and the Face.  

Q3.  What date was ‘The Face’ unveiled by the Queen?

Continue up the street and turn right into Phelps Parade by the Calne Pigs.  At the end, in front of Sainsbury’s turn right back to the car park.,

Route updated 15 March 2019