BWF PT No 226 - 10km

Walk Organiser: Brian Cole, Greenbank, Station Rd, Willand, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 2PR. Tel: 01884-821850.

Walk Fee:£1.00, Embroidered badge available £2.00.

Start: Okehampton Street Pay & Display Car Park, [£2.50 all day], Exeter, Devon, EX4 1DY. [GR 192/913922]

Route Directions

Exit Car Park at top right hand corner to join riverside walk, ahead with river on left, pass under two bridges, pass blue suspension bridge on left, continue until reaching T-junction, turn left over bridge.

Q1.  On base plate of Red White and Black Marker Bouy, how many miles does the River Exe flow from its source to the sea?

Turn right with canal on right and River Exe on left.  Ahead for 200m then take left fork, ahead for 35m turn left over bridge then right for 20m, turn left over suspension bridge.  Follow path with houses on left to Signpost, turn left, way marked Quay 9 mins, past four barriers.

Q2.  Name of Court on left?

Keep ahead with river on now on left, Port Royal on right, to reach Custom House.

Q3.  Number of cannons impounded on Exeter Quay in 1819?

Turn left over bridge.  Ahead passing bonded stores on left and after 150m turn right keeping Bishops Blaize on left.  Follow path around with walled leat on left, up steps to road. Turn left and in 40m cross at Pelican Crossing over both carriageways and ahead to church. Go up steps of Stepcote Hill.

Q4.  How many steps going up right hand side of Stepcote Hill?

Ahead past The Fat Pig on left to T-junction.  Turn right to Pelican Crossing, cross road, ahead with Toilets on left, and cross George Street.  Under archway to South Street then cross over and turn right.  After 30m turn left into Bear Street, follow footpath into Deanery Place, past barrier to Cathedral Green.  Ahead with Cathedral on right to statue.

Q5.  What is the date on the Coat of Arms above Mols Tearooms?

Turn left into Martins Lane [note the Ship Inn on the right a favourite haunt of Sir Francis Drake].  On entering High Street turn right, ahead then turn left into Castle Street towards Castle.  At Cafe Expresso turn right down cobbled walkway [Little Castle Street].  Turn left into Bailey Street, ahead for 50m, turn left uphill, signpost Northernhay Gardens, and enter the park.

Q6.  Before exiting park, name of the Seated Scholar on right hand side?

Exit park to reach road, turn right into Queen Street.  Ahead on right hand side to Clock Tower then follow road around to Zebra Crossing, cross road.  Turn left with barriers on left and in 20m turn right into Elm Grove Road.  At top turn right, 30m turn left into Velwell Road.  At end of road go through opening beside gate, turn right follow footpath sign {Exeter University will appear on left] ignoring all turnings to reach road.  Turn left and cross at Pelican Crossing, with road now on left, ahead for 30m,  turn right into Stocker Road[now entering the University Grounds], uphill past the Great Hall and the Northcott Theatre.

Q7. Name of Centre on right hand side?

Turn left into Queens Drive, ahead ignoring all side turnings to road.  Cross over and turn left downhill for 100m.  At main road turn right into Streatham Drive.  At road junction turn left, past Imperial Hotel on right to Zebra Crossing. Cross over, turn left then immediately turn right downhill into Howell Road.  At bottom turn right, past The Jolly Porter, to Pelican Crossing.  Cross road, turn right, with fence on left, to railway crossing, ahead across first bridge.  Turn left through gateway on grass path continuing with river on left and flood relief plain on right.  Under bridge then turn left up steps.  At top turn right continuing along grassy bank to bridges.

Q8.  How many wedges form the left hand Bridge counter balance weight  ?

Turn right over bridge then left onto footpath towards Quay.  After 50m left at fork continuing with river on left.  After 200m up steps on right, at top turn left back to car park and finish.

Route updated 18 September 2017