Windmill Way

BWF PT No 67 - 28km

Route Directions

From Station turn left into Atherley Road, at traffic lights straight on into Hope Road continuing straight on to esplanade and beach.  Turn left towards Sandown, past pier and continue straight on to end of esplanade. Turn left opposite The Sundial beach cafe and up steps next to toilets.  Turn right on Culver Parade along sea front past Zoo and bear right through Yaverland car park to far end onto footpath alongside boatyard.  At end of gravel track, past seat on right, straight on up field to undergrowth, passing between 2 posts.  Keep on Coastal Path onto Bembridge Down towards monument, heading for lower track in distance.  Bear left uphill through gate onto road.  Turn right on road then left through gate signposted Culver Down Coastal Path BB30 [Bembridge].

Q1.  To whom is the monument dedicated?

Bear right across field past brick and concrete building on right, ignore kissing gate on right and go between iron and wooden posts continuing in same direction downhill.  Through gate into woodland, between wooden chalets, continuing on enclosed path, crossing two wooden bridges to Sandhill Caravan Park on left.  Keep on Coastal Path past corrugated building.  Before Nab Bar PH, bear right past wooden seats on right straight on into woodland.  350m at zip wire tower turn right with wire mesh fence on left.  At straight length of path between hedges turn right and continue past fields on left to cross small car park.

Q2. What is the name of big blue house?

Straight on to right of blue house, past chalets, then up steps to Crab & Lobster PH.  Turn right past Coastguard Lookout on gravel track then through gate on left.  Up gravel then tarmac road to T-junction, turn right on road.  Into 3rd [unmade] road on left [Forelands Farm Lane], 50m turn right on enclosed Coastal Path to entrance to Bembridge Coast Hotel.  Turn left on tarmac road , bear right past jetty and new Lifeboat Station and continue on Coastal Path, past multi coloured beach hut and houses on left.  After Beach House follow Coastal Path [no sign] left up concrete steps and along tree lined path.  At end bear left then continue straight on as path becomes tarmac road [Swains Road] to T-junction.  Turn left into Foreland Road and around to right opposite The Spinaker Hotel, up road to mini-roundabout.  Turn right, signposted Bembridge Windmill, uphill to footpath BB36 and windmill.

Q3.  Who owns the windmill?

Turn right just before mill onto footpath BB21 [Brading].  Down hill crossing stiles onto footpath BB20 [Brading], through gap in hedge, across the airfield, continuing on path past RSPB Reserve sign.  At trees turn left and follow edge of field with trees on right to footpath at bottom of field.  Enter Centurion's Copse and turn right on footpath BB23 [Brading].  At T-junction turn right on footpath BB23 then at next junction turn left through new kissing gate onto Gander Down, bear right uphill around side of field, past copse to kissing gate beside gate onto main road.  Turn right on road and just before railway bridge turn right down steps following footpath by railway to Brading Station.  Cross railway line and along platform to go through far gate.  Along Station Road to T-junction.  Turn right [New Road] and at sharp right bend turn left into The Mall and uphill.  After 250m turn right onto bridleway B39 [Nunwell].

Q4.  What is the date on the thatched cottage [Little Jane’s] 50m up footpath on right?

Follow path uphill and at top do a U turn to left [don’t go downhill].  Immediately bear right at fork on a gradual curve to road.  Cross road, through car park onto bridleway B41 [Roman Villa] to left of shrubs to wooden gate.  Turn right down road past Butterfly Walk sign on right.  Turn left on footpath B65 [Roman Villa] down steep slippery hill, at bottom turn right on tarmac road.  After 150m turn left up concrete steps, immediately bear right on footpath B47 [Adgestone] through field and over stile to road.  Turn left and follow road through Adgestone towards Alverstone eventually passing Vine Cottage on right.

Q5.  What is the date of Vine Cottage?

Along road, ignoring footpath B50, and turn left into Longwood Lane, signed Lake, footpath B64.  Ignore footpaths on old railway track.  Turn right through Golf Club gates, follow stony track across golf course and straight on through copse on far side to village green.  Soon after electrical sub station turn right on footpath SS27 [Lea Road & Blackpan].  At road continue to fir trees, turn left then right around childrens play area to closed school. Straight on to gravel path with playing fields on both sides.  At end bear left to main road.  Turn right to roundabout.

Q6. What is the name of the pub on the right?

Continue ahead to next roundabout with Morrison’s on right, cross road and after 50m turn left on Old Highway SS18 [Shanklin] with Scotchells Lodge on corner.  Through iron gate and cross stone bridge and stile.  At tracks straight on signpost SS17 [Upper Hyde] into caravan park.  50m bear left, Byway SS18 [Shanklin] changing to Byway SS17 at cross tracks, continue to main road.  Straight on, 50m turn left up steps to Station.

Route update 14 July 2015

Walk Organiser: Peter Denison, 2 Test Cottages, St Mary Bourne, Andover, Hants, SP11 6BX

Tel: 01264 738569

Walk Fee: £1.  IoW Embroidered Badge available £2

Start: Shanklin Railway Station PO37 7AR [GR 196/581819]