BWF PT No 200 - 10km

Walk Organiser:  Nick & Jacqui Wakelam, 4 Lamley Gardens, Graham Street, Penrith, CA11 9LR.

Walk Fee: £1.00, Embroidered badge available £2.00.

Start: Ludlow Railway Station. [GR 137/513750]

Route Directions

With the Railway Station behind you bear right and continue on pavement with Tesco on your left and Aldi on your right to T junction and traffic lights. Cross road and turn right past Council Offices on right hand side and Ludlow Camilite Friary building on left hand side to where the road bears left. Follow road left then immediately left again to Linney keeping to the left hand side of the road.

Q1. Who founded St Leonards Chapel?

Where road bears right keep straight on up footpath between stone wall and metal railings, then steps and at top turn left. Opposite Linney Gate turn right past the main gate of St Lawrence Church. At end of College Street turn right along narrow alley to Market Square, keeping the stalls on left and Ludlow College on right. At main Castle Gate turn right and follow footpath around the Castle wall. Ignore turning to right by beech tree then at Y junction bear left on upper path. Through archway and follow path to road. Cross road and continue straight ahead through alleyway. At T-junction turn right. At next T-junction cross road and turn left. Cross Dinham Bridge and follow road around to right. Bear right to Priors Halton and just after The Cliffe at Dinham take footpath on left, parallel to road. Go through kissing gate then over bridge and finally exit field through gate and turn left along lane.

Q2.  Whose Cottage?

Continue to Private No Through Road sign.  At sign turn left.  Through gate onto well defined track between hedges. Straight on through two metal gates and with fence on right continue uphill.  Through another metal gate and turn left onto lane.

Q3.  Along lane is a green metal utilities hut behind a crash barrier.  What is the name of the lock maker?

Continue along road to Y-junction, continuing straight on uphill towards white sign and black rubbish bin. Follow path to right of sign continuing uphill alongside the road then follow path as it goes down through trees to Common. When clear of trees bear right uphill to stone View Point. Return to path and continue in front of metal seats, down towards wood, keeping the Common on left. Keep to lower path going into wood. At X-tracks turn right uphill on gravel track then at clearing straight on joining track coming in on right. Through next stand of trees to another clearing (BEWARE of old quarry workings on left). Keep on well defined path downhill with trees on left, keep on through trees downhill. At X-tracks by signboard continue straight on uphill, then down, initially on elongated steps ending in short flight of steps down to road. Continue to Give Way sign then turn left towards bridge.

Q4. Charlton Arms sign - What year was Sir Job born?

Keeping to left hand side continue uphill through Old Town Gates, then cross to right of road and continue uphill to the Old Buttercross and Clock Tower. At Buttercross turn right into Kings Street. Cross to left of road for a better look at the Ye Olde Bullring Tavern, then keeping on left hand pavement follow road through alleyway to Pedestrian Lights. Cross road and turn left past the Feathers Hotel continuing downhill to Parkway Shops Alleyway. Turn right into the Alleyway. Once through the Alleyway keep the Old Town Wall on right and the New Library Building on left. Follow the path round with library on left and car park on right to eventually come to road by Tesco.  Turn right back to Railway Station.

Route updated 8 May 2018