BWF PT No 256 - 10km

Walk Organiser: Keith Burningham, Braemar, The Ham, Durrington, Salisbury, Wilts, SP4 8HW.

Tel 01980 653176

Walk Fee: £1.00

Start: Pay & Display car park, Avebury, SN8 1RF. [GR SU099696]. Free for National Trust members. Note closing time of car park, alternative free parking at Overton Hill on the A4.

Route Directions

Leave the Avebury NT car park by the road entrance.  Turn right along slip road, after 20m cross main road [care] and go through gap to left of wooden gate and join bridleway [blue arrow].  Go through small wooden gate and follow path straight on, with field on left and stream (sometimes dry) and then fence on right.  Continue on path through two wooden gates, ignoring turning to right over bridge.  Good views to Silbury Hill on right.  Continue on this path over wooden walkway and through two wooden gates to reach the main road (A4).  Cross this very busy road [care], turn left and after 20m turn right through metal kissing gate onto gravel path signposted West Kennett Long Barrow.  Cross over bridge and go through metal kissing gate.  Turn left and follow the path with fence on left and after 30m, by large oak tree on left, take the path to the right.  Follow this path uphill between fields to the Long Barrow.  

Q1. According to the information board at the Long Barrow, How many people were buried here over a 1000 year period?

Leave Barrow, retracing steps along same path downhill.  At path T-junction, by large oak tree at edge of field, turn right onto wide grass track with fence on left to reach rusty metal gate.  Cross stile on left of gate and follow double track to a minor road.  Cross road and continue straight ahead following footpath signs over stile into field.  Continue ahead on path along edge of field with fence on right.  Near corner of field, cross over stile and continue on path between hedges to farm track. Turn left and after 10m turn right on narrower path gently uphill.  Follow path ahead for 300m ignoring all turnings and field entrances.  Just after passing old barns and disused farm machinery you will come to a main track.  Turn left and follow gravel track downhill into the village passing church on left.  Turn right at T-junction with telephone box on right hand corner and continue along the road for 125m following high stone wall on left.  Turn left onto footpath at corner of wall, following arrow for Manor Cottage on cottage wall.  Continue on path with stone wall on left. After 50m, and end of path, turn left onto minor road.  After 20m the road bends sharply to the right, bear left here onto road that becomes a track.  15m after crossing over metal railed bridge the track splits.   Bear left following path between hedges.  Ignore left turn (white arrow on post) and follow path which bends around to the right then continues straight on towards the A4.  Just before the main road enter the Sanctuary site through a wooden gate to the left.

Q2. According to the information board, what is the walking time from the Sanctuary to Windmill Hill?

Return through gate and cross busy main road (A4) [care] into car park opposite. [ALTERNATIVE STARTPOINT WITH FREE PARKING] You are now at the start of the Ridgeway National Trail. Follow Ridgeway track through gate way and continue for 700m.  At a track junction, by Ridgeway signpost with white acorn emblems, turn left on Byway towards a clump of trees (National Trust Barrows).  Bear right on unfenced track passing trees on left.  At the end of the second large field on left hand side after the clump, you come to two large metal gates [usually open].  Turn left, following direction of blue National Trust footpath arrow on wooden post, onto wide grass path along edge of field by fence.  At corner of field go through gap in hedge and continue in same direction alongside fence and hedge in next field to reach minor road.  Cross road.

Q3. On wooden finger board, how far is it on foot to Silbury Hill?

Turn right through a new wooden gate and continue along wide grass path parallel to road between two rows of standing stones [‘The Avenue’]  for 850m.  At end of stones bear right towards tall trees to pass through small wooden gate.  Cross road with care and go through another gate opposite.  Turn left on path alongside fence to left of trees to reach stone circle.  Walk through stones parallel to road on left, heading on grass path towards Red Lion pub.  Exit field at far end through wooden gate opposite the pub.  Cross road [care] and turn left in front of pub. [ALTERNATIVE START POINT IF USING PUBLIC TRANSPORT].  Almost immediately after pub, take right fork in road into village with toilets on right and Henge shop on left.  With standing stones on left turn right down track sign-posted Museum, Cafe, Manor, etc.  Continue on track between buildings (National Trust shop on left and Circle café on  right), SO past pond on left, Great Barn on right and a dovecote on the left. Continue ahead and pass through large iron gateway.  

Q4. What are the summer opening times for the Keiller museum?

With museum ahead, turn left passing Avebury Manor on right and go through metal kissing gate.   Follow path through church graveyard, at path junction by church bear right along side of thatched wall.  Turn right through kissing gate by old street lamp.  Follow track with cottage on left and wall on right.  At minor road turn left with cottages on left and hedge on right.  At road junction turn left along road past lychgate on left and The Social Centre (formerly village school) on right.  Turn right along path signposted Car Park (with National Trust oak emblem).  Follow path past stones and village sports field on left back to start point.

Route updated:  April 2019