BWF PT No 59 - 14km

Walk Organiser:  John Grylls, 19 Rife Way, Ferring, Worthing, West Sussex, BN12 5JX.  Tel 01903-247332

Walk Fee: £1.00, Embroidered Badge £2.00

Start: Guildford Railway Station [GR 186/SU992496]

Route Directions

From Guildford Railway Station main entrance go diagonally left across car park, down ramp and across road. Do not cross river, instead pass just left of building, down steps to tow path.  Turn right with river on left past St Nicolas’ Church to car park.  Turn left over white lattice-sided bridge then ahead over lock into alleyway by Theatre.  Cross main road at pelican crossing, up steps into Rosemary Alley.  Cross road into Castle Street by Kings Head PH.  Up Castle Street past Guildford Castle ruins and gardens on right to back of shopping centre on left.

Q1. What date is on the sundial on left just before South Hill?

Turn right into South Hill then immediately left into Pewley Hill.  Up steep hill to end, past Semaphore House on left, onto Pewley Downs continuing ahead on track past green seats, then bear right on path to stone pillar.

Q2.  On the stone pillar how many metres are you above sea level?

Bear left towards green seat in front of end of hedge and turn right downhill onto path with hedge on left.  Through tunnel of trees and at T-junction of paths turn left.  After 20m turn right [Nature Trail] on path between fields with hedges on either side.  At junction with broad track Chantry Wood and Pweley Down notice boards continue straight on path through woodland, turn left at cross paths to road.  Turn left then after 20m turn right following North Downs Way, ignoring side tracks,  to top of hill and St Martha’s Church.  Enter churchyard on path with church on left and continue to gate at opposite end of church.

Q3.  Which actress’s ashes are scattered on right hand side of gateway?

Exit through gate, continue on North Downs Way past seats with wooden fence on right on path, downhill, ignoring all side tracks.  At junction of paths turn sharp right on Downs Link [sign just before WW2 ‘pillbox’].  Continue downhill on sandy path ignoring side turnings and at bottom turn left, past entrance to Longfrey Cottage on left.  After 100m, immediately before bridge,  turn right through barriers by old pipeline into remains of Chilworth Gunpowder Factory keeping on wide path ahead through woods to go through green gate and turn right on road.  Across bridge and after 50m turn left at Chilworth Old Mill sign climbing up path between hedges and fence.

At road turn left then straight on through gate by postbox on path along left side of field, past old barn on right, to farm buildings.  Turn right between posts and follow hedge on left, straight on.  At end of hedge turn left across field to exit down to road.

Turn right.  After 400m, opposite Little Chartham, turn left up steps [Scholar’s Trail], over stile and across field.  Exit through gate down steps past Shalford Mill to main road opposite Seahorse PH.  Turn right, 75m cross at pelican crossing and bear slightly left on bridleway [Scholar’s Trail] then after 100m turn left on broad track behind PH.  After 500m, just before wooden posts, turn right through kissing gate.

Q4. On Shalford Meadow information board what is the website for a fishing day ticket?

Continue downhill to raised wooden causeway. [If path flooded retrace route to road and turn left towards church. Turn left at War Memorial down Church Close to Thames Water building.  Turn right on tarmac path to right of metal gates.  At open field turn left alongside woods for 300m then turn left on path to cross bridge over river onto towpath.  Continue, with river on right, for 25m then turn left on North Downs Way, over railway line to main road. Continue on route from next paragraph.]    Turn left alongside river, through gate and across weir, past front of cottage to St Catherine’s Lock.  Over bridge and lock and turn right. [Note vertical roller on post on sharp left bend of river to protect ropes on horse-drawn boats.] 25m after passing under footbridge turn left uphill on North Downs Way, over railway line to main road.

Don’t cross road but turn left and bear right on path uphill past ‘St Catherine’s Hill’ sign to top of hill and ruins of St Catherine’s Church.

Q5.  What year was J M Turners water colour of the location painted?

Retrace your steps to river and turn left to Millmead Lock, then left across white latticed-sided bridge and retrace your steps along towpath to Railway Station.

Route updated 10 May 2017