BWF PT NO 201 - 13km

Walk Organiser:  Nick & Jacqui Wakelam, 4 Lamley Gardens, Graham Street, Penrith, CA11 9LR.

Walk Fee: £1.00, Embroidered badge available £2.00.

Start: Hereford Railway Station [GR 149/516406]

Route Directions

Turn left out of main entrance of Railway Station. Follow path around roundabout and keeping the Station car park on left continue round to traffic lights. Bear left to Pedestrian Crossing, cross main road and turn left. Turn second right into Southbank Road, cross to left hand side of road. Take left hand fork, uphill, staying in Southbank Road. At top of hill keep to footpath between two hedges. At T-Junction turn left to second set of Pedestrian Lights, cross road into Whittern Way. Cross entrance to car park onto footpath keeping hedge on left and houses on right. Continue straight on into Prospect Walk and uphill past school on left and houses on right. At road turn left and follow round to right past the entrances both sides of road and on through kissing gate, continue to road. (Views out over N Herefordshire to right). Keep on past Aylestone School entrance on left and Watermeadow Close on right until main road.

Q1. What is the number of the Post Box?

At main road turn right and continue to Keep Clear signs in roadway and cross road at crossing. Bear left then turn right into Overbury Road. At Give Way sign turn right past bus stop towards a pretty thatched cottage.

Q2. Who lived in the thatched cottage?

Just after this the road passes through the Royal National College for the Blind. At traffic lights cross road turn right then immediately bear left into Old School Lane, cross to right hand side continuing across footbridge over the main Cardiff to Manchester railway. Re-cross road and turn left onto footpath between fences, going through an industrial estate.  At concrete road, by yellow posts, turn left on path between fences with car park on right.  Ignore path to right at end of car park. Turn right at end of footpath, then right again at Busy Bee’s Nursey School on Perseverance Road.   At T-junction turn left then cross minor road to Pedestrian Crossing on major road, cross major road. Turn left and pass garage on right, then immediately turn right onto footpath between metal railings and follow through to Grandstand Road. (Views of Hereford Racecourse can be seen from path). Turn right and continue to the Grandstand PH on left, cross road and take first left into Yazor Road. Continue along road ignoring all turnings until Pedestrian Crossing and FP/Cycleway sign for City Centre. Turn left with grass area on left.

Q3. What is the number on lamppost after first wooden bridge?

Follow path to entrance of Bulmers Cider Factory, turn right and follow to main road.  Turn left and continue to traffic lights, Bulmers building on left, Sainsburys on right. Continue staright on. Just before Aldi sign and shops turn left and follow path down to FP/Cycleway and tuen left. Follow to Pedestrian Lights, cross road and follow path keeping Sainsburys on your left. (Travelodge and Cider Museum on right). Pass the red brick building on right and go under bridge and immediately turn right (Signpost Broomy Hill). At top cross road and turn left on footpath and continue uphill, 700m, to sign for Waterworks Museum. Turn left and follow path past Museum to river. Turn left and follow footpath between sports field and river to metal bridge. Bear left, up steps onto bridge. At top of steps turn right and cross bridge to steps on left. Turn left and go down steps, at bottom turn right continuing with river on left. Under new road bridge and continue to old bridge, cross at Pedestrian Lights and continue straight on.

Q4. What was the name of the Bulldog who drowned?

At metal footbridge (Signpost Castle Green/Cathedral) turn left across bridge (Victoria Bridge) and up steps on left hand side. At top continue straight on with river on left and monument to Lord Nelson in middle of Castle Green on right. Take path to right of Canoe Centre and follow down to site of St Ethelberts Well in wall ahead. Bear left and then right into narrow roadway.

Q5. What colour is the letterbox in the wall on right hand side?

At end of Quay Street turn leftL towards the Cathedral, keeping to left and follow path through grounds (toilets on right) and archway (Coffee Shop on left, Shop on right). Turn right around wall of Cathedral past main entrance and bear right to archway. Turn left and follow pathway between buildings, Church Street, approx 200m X road continue straight on to Pedestrian Precinct. Turn right towards Old House then turn right. At road turn left towards the Shire Hall, large monument in front. Follow pathway round to left. At Union Passage turn left and follow to Pedestrian walkway. Turn right and continue to traffic lights. Cross road at Pedestrian Crossing Lights and continue straight ahead until traffic lights at Station car park.  Turn left and return to Railway Station.

Route updated 27 February 2018