Round the Island Trail

BWF PT No 73 - 116km

The Walk Organiser, Jill Green, Fernleaf, Alverstone Road, Apse Heath, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 0LF, Tel 01983 863763, has a great depth of knowledge of the route and may be contacted for help with suggestions for splitting the route into daily sections and help with local public transport arrangements.  Walk Fee £1, IoW Embroidered Badge £2 available.

Although not categorised as an official National Trail of Great Britian this walk would certainly be classified as a ‘Long Distance Trail’.  Whilst some walkers will have the ability to complete the Trail in one go most people will split the walk into several sections.  However it is attempted a certain amount of pre-planning will be required and an Ordnance Survey map, Explorer OL29 1/25000 must be carried.  It is impractical, because of the distance, to provide a concise route description as with the other Trails but the route is marked clearly on the OS map and along with extensive ‘Coastal Path’ signage walkers will have no problems completing the route.

The Trail follows a marked anti-clockwise route around the coast of the Island.  Below are listed some questions, with Grid References, which should be answered as verification that the Trail has been completed.

Suggested start at Shanklin Railway Station then head towards Culver Down.

Q1.  To whom is the monument dedicated?    [GR633857]

Past Whitecliffe Bay to the most easterly point of the Island.

Q2.  What is the name of the cottages numbered 154,156,158 and 160 on the right?  [GR656877]

Past the Lifeboat station to Bembridge Point.

Q3. Whom does the monument on the drinking fountain commemorate? [GR642887]

Around Bembridge Harbour to Ryde Pier then across Wootton Bridge at Fishbourne.

Q4.  What is the name of farm on right? [GR536925]

Along road section to East Cowes.

Q5. Name of Royal Residence on approach to East Cowes? [GR512948]

Cross River Medina by ferry to Cowes.

Q6. Name of Marina after passing flats in West Cowes? [GR499957]

Through Cowes to Royal yacht Squadron.

Q7. How many lions guard the promenade to west of Royal Yacht Squadron Clubhouse? [GR494966]

Past Gurnard and Thorness Bays on north side of Island.

Q8. Name of PH in Porchfield? [GR446912]

Into Newtown

Q9. What is depicted in middle of sign over door of the Noah’s Ark building? [GR424905]

Around Newtown River inlets, along cliffs to Yarmouth.

Q10. Name of the 17C church whose imposing tower dominates the town? [GR355987]

Over the River Yar along the western coastline.

Q11. On road sign, What is in Road?  [GR334885]

Along the shoreline by Totland Bay.

Q12. Name of old Lifeboat House? [GR321867]

Past Alum Bay and around the Needles then along High Down.

Q13. On monument, ‘This cross is raised as a beacon to........? [GR325853]

Drop down into Freshwater Bay then along the cliffs on the southern side of the Island.

Q14. House name, on left hand corner, between hedgerows near Blackgang Chine? [GR484774]

Above St Catherines Point, the southerly point of the Island.

Q15. Name of house at bottom of stoney path at Niton? [GR506762]

Along the cliffs to St lawrence.

Q16. Name of thatched cottage at bottom of Spindlers Road? [GR532764]

Into Ventnor.

Q17. Name of car park into Ventnor Esplanade? [GR 559773]

Through Luccombe Village back to Shanklin.